review: l’oreal pro glow foundation

institution beauty

Happy Monday, loves! If you follow the beauty community even in the slightest capacity then I’m sure you have seen that L’oreal recently released a new foundation in their infallible line. The first foundation, the infallible pro matte, was a raging success with beauty bloggers and novices alike. I never tested out the pro matte because the last thing my already dry, flaky skin needs is mattifying. So when I saw they were releasing a glowing version, I was breathing down the employees neck as they stocked the shelves.

prices range:

$10.97 at

$11.99 at

$12.99 at

$12.99 at

$12.99 at

I’ve been using this foundation just over a month and it has easily made its way to the front of my collection. As you may know, I don’t often have strong feelings about a foundation but this may be my all time favorite. The…

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