review: milani baked blush

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Hey loves! Happy Monday! This week I will be doing a review monday-thursday featuring Milani Cosmetics products. Milani was one of the first brands (especially drugstore) that catered to women of color. The fact that Milani provides for women of all ethnicities and shades was a huge attraction to me because working in the industry made me realize how few options there really are for any woman of color. Now Milani has expanded and become a beloved drugstore brand.

Today we start by taking a look at maybe the most hyped up Milani product over the years, the milani baked blush. The baked blush comes in 9 shades and I was able to pick up 3 of them. I purchased rose d’oro, berry amore, and luminoso.

prices range:

$6.97 at

$7.29 at

$7.49 at

$8.29 at

$8.49 at

When I first went searching for the…

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